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How To Share & Save Your Design

How To Share & Save Your Online Designer Artwork

Here's how to share your artwork with a friend, a customer service representative or for an ETSY order.
When using the online designer, all you need to do is click on the share icon button in the lower right hand corner.

After you click on the share button icon, you will get a popup form to share your design. 

If you are emailing your design for a ETSY order. 

1.) Use email address for the recipients email address
2.) Enter your ETSY Order number into the subect line. 

How To Save A Design

You will need to create a remarkable stamps account in order to save the design for future edits and orders.
You will be able to create an account from within the designer.

Save the template by clicking on the floppy disk. This would be for future orders, or to edit later. 

To find your saved layout, you will need to click on "My Account" to look at your Remarkable Stamps profile. 

Under saved layouts on the left hand menu, you will find all of your saved designs from the online designer. 


If you have anymore questions about how to use the designer or other parts of the website, send us a email at

or give us a call: 866-667-1133.


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