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XL Rocker Stamps

X-Large Rocker Stamps


Make a big impression with a big stamp!

Our large wood rocker stamps are perfect for putting your logo or branding on bags, boxes or any large surface. The curved shape and rocking motion distributes pressure evenly across the surface of the stamp. Giving you a crisp, clean and large impression. Rocker stamps are very easy to use and extremely durable! 

Assembled by hand and custom cut, wood handled rubber stamps will provide an almost endless number of impressions.

The use of a separate ink pad and ink is required when using a rocker stamp. Our industrial stamp pad is recommended if the rocker stamp is larger than 5" x 5".

Large Wood Rocker Stamps

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  • 3 Inch Wide

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  • 5 Inch Wide

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Large Wood Rocker Stamps

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