Rocker Stamps

Remarkable Rocker Stamps

Wood Rocker Stamp next to Cooper Candle Co. design on white box. From Carly Bennett

Make a big impression with a big stamp!

These Large Wood Rocker stamps are perfect for putting your logo or branding on bags and boxes. The curved surface and rocking motion distributes pressure evenly, which gives you a crisp, clean impression. Easy to use and durable, your stamp will last for 10,000+ uses.

Large Wood Rocker Stamps

XL Stamps - when large isn't big enough

When you need to lay down an extra large design, the metal frame Rock-A-Stamps are for you.

Ideal for at home makers, crafters, or businesses that need to mark product bags, to-go bags, shipping boxes, pizza boxes, and more.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra durable

XL Metal Rocker Stamps

XL Metal Rocker Stamps

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